Why Sneakers?

Most of you are probably wondering why sneakers.

Well, the most basic answer is that it can’t be rings. It was always going to be rings. Well, maybe not always. But anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with my hands. Sue me. I think I have really nice fingers. If you don’t know what that means, it probably means yours are short and stubby, which is fine. You’ll never be a ring model either. It’s a hard fact many must come to terms with at some point.

So here I was a while back, thinking I’m going to turn my mainstream, real estate career into a full fledged, ringa-plaooza, earning thousands of dollars off my youthful, long, lean, fingers, and BAM, I’m cooking for my boyfriend, and I cut my right index finger. While WASHING a knife. Sliced my pointer right open, blood was flowing everywhere. And you know what my first thought was? What if they have to cut off my whole finger, and I can never wave properly again with my right hand, and I’ll have to request for Apple to make me a special emoji, just so I can communicate with friends without feeling left out?

Good news: It only took like 3 stitches, and my medical school trained roommate to assure me that no, they were not going to cut off my finger. But the finger just doesn’t look the same. Don’t ask my brother to confirm, just trust me on this. Blame the ER. Blame the Doctor (I totally blame her by the way). Blame the now ex boyfriend. Blame the knife. Blame the fact that I don’t know how to wash dishes. (But don’t blame me, because I’m clearly the victim).

Or actually thank them! Thank them all. Because that is how I landed on sneakers. GLASS HALF FULL! With my ring modeling days behind me, I had to flip my obsession upside down. And that’s how we got here.

Well sort of. (When I said this was the most basic answer I meant like “wow, you’re like so basic, you wear lululemon and drink Starbucks.”)

The regular most basic answer in the least basic terms is actually that sneakers are dope. They’re comfortable, they’re cool, and they can add a shock value to any outfit, especially one made up of only skirts and dresses. They add color and texture, but they also add a level of history and culture. They tell stories of people and places. Of designers, influencers, celebrities, athletes. There is a lifeblood brimming beneath the soles of kicks, and that pulse, the one that makes you wait in lines to buy them, keep them in boxes for years, track them on courts, and wait for releases, well, that is why sneakers.

So do I wish it could be rings? Hell no! I just wish my hands could still be perfect. But let’s not be dramatic about it, ok? We’re just going to focus on what matters, and that’s the kicks.

And also other stuff. Because I should warn you. This blog will likely not just be about kicks. Because, I’m sole searching. (HA). So, get ready to dig deep into the weirdness of my brain (my mom is cringing right now for sure),  but what can I say? I’ve got a lot floating in my mind. Oh and don’t get so scared. I’ll change your name if the story lends itself to you getting into trouble or hating me or something, ok? Don’t fret! I got you, kids.

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