I Judge You Bottom Up

I judge you bottom up. Maybe I should rephrase that. I don’t see faces. I see shoes. At least at first. Men and women both. And so, if I show up on a date, and your shoe game is weak, I am judging hard.

I know you probably think it’s mean. And that’s fine. But let’s be honest. You’re judging me too. Maybe it’s my face. Maybe it’s my body. Maybe it’s my voice, or my coat ( I judge those too btw) or my hair, or the fact that I’m early or late (I’m always early). We’re human.  We all do it. We’re on a date. The purpose of meeting each other is to judge if this whole thing makes sense. Ok, that’s not the point, the point is to see if I can get past the thing I judged you for the most and still want to hang out with you.

But I get it, shoes seem superficial. And of course to some extent they are. Trust me, I know there’s more to you than what’s on your feet. But to me the kicks say a lot. Because you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for cool. And you don’t need to sacrifice cool for price. And you can literally rotate between 3 pairs of shoes every day, so if you can’t get your shoe game semi strong, it gives me pause. If you can’t pick out a normal looking pair of shoes, can you be trusted to make other decisions? I don’t need you to be up on the latest trends, but it’s nice to know that you bought your shoes with at least one eye open.

Relax, I haven’t dumped anyone based on their kicks (and TRUST ME I should have- we’re talking black Asics). I’m just saying you get extra points for cool kicks. Is it the way to my heart? No, I won’t marry you over a pair of the latest Y-3s, but you can bet I’ll be impressed.

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