A Letter To Anyone Reading

To Everyone Reading:

I live in a small world with big repercussions. Every word I put out has ripple effects in ways beyond I can even begin to fathom. Both good and bad.

Last night my dad and I were talking about my blog and the ways in which it can impact my life. My friendships, my relationships, past and future. It’s a topic I addressed in a previous blog, but I think it’s worth repeating.

Will people be scared to open up to me out of fear that I will share their stories online? Will stories that I thought were benign, turn out to be a big deal to the people who were briefly featured in them?

How do I respect everyone’s privacy without sacrificing the story? How do I avoid living in fear that someone won’t want to date me or befriend me because of what I am writing, when I feel like I am finally finding a way to express myself and my feelings, many of which I feel are crucial to share?

Do the positive messages of people who relate to a post outweigh the negative consequences I may face?

I’m trying to treat my blog with love. I am cautiously opening up, allowing myself to be vulnerable, because I truly believe it is the only way for it to be truly successful. But I’m doing so carefully. No, I don’t approach every date as a “story” or every conversation as a “blog.” My life is my life. I am living it just like everyone else. But sometimes I feel there are anecdotes or growing pains worth sharing, and that’s where the blog comes in. And that’s also where I start to question myself. Can I share this? Is this too much? Even if I change a name or a detail, will it hurt or make a person I care about uncomfortable? Will it make me uncomfortable?

I’m not trying to put people on blast. I’m trying to connect. To express myself, to push myself, to test my limits, to tell stories that make you feel something that maybe you were already feeling but couldn’t express yourself. To let you know that other people feel the same things you yourself feel, or maybe to allow you to laugh at the absurdity of life even if it’s at my expense.

And so, to all my friends, family, exes, dates; past and future I hope you won’t be afraid to share and open up. I hope you know that I take your life and your privacy seriously. And I hope that if I ever cross a line in any way, you will feel comfortable enough to give me a call. This is really all a learning process for me, and I’m trying to figure it all out as I go. I’m trying to do my best.

I am 100% sure I will make mistakes. It’s probably the only thing I know with certainty. And I guess there’s an ounce of comfort in that?

And to anyone who’s been featured in a blog, and has been supportive and encouraging of either their name being front and center or even showing up anonymously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And to anyone who feels uncomfortable, who’s been afraid to reach out, please do! And to anyone who doesn’t want to share with me going forward, I sincerely hope that is not the impression I am giving off. I hope you continue to share and open up. I hope you know I’m not looking to turn your life into a book.

And most importantly, I hope you enjoy the blog.


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