The White Kicks You Need Now

The Classics

If you’re just building your collection, let’s go back to basics. Any version of the Nike Air Force 1’s are a staple, and you cannot go wrong with any style ever. They’re the building blocks for any sneakerhead in the making, and they’re easy to get at almost any store. I’m personally a high top girl, but don’t let that sway you.

If you’re looking for a more vintage feel, but still feeling the classic Nike vibe, I would reccomend the Nike Balzer Mid ’77. The checks come in three different colorways so you have OPTIONS even in white, and I mean, who doesn’t love options?

Also-all these kicks I just showed you are unisex-so go get you some matching couples kicks.

Newer to the game than Nike, but still got that classic feel are Vejas. I’m feeling these Veja x Bellerose V-10 Bastilles from Kith. Something about the colors got me feeling goooooood. These happen to be women’s, but that feels like a technicality.

Classics with a twist

So you love the classics, but you want something a little different? I feel you.

If you were a Converse All Star kid, I would recommend these Converse Academy Ox. They got this cool hairy, suede material going for them, so they’ll literally keep people on their toes wondering what exactly your sneaks are made of.

If you like classic low tops, but want to add some fun, these rainbow Tretorns are for you. Oh also, like the Converse, they’re below $100 so that makes them extra exciting.

If you were on the Stan Smith bandwagon, these Adidas Sambarose shoes might be your look. They’re not colorful, but the metallic sheen is cooler than my bedroom at night (which I promise you is FREEZING), and they have a very clean look (unlike my room- sorry mom).

So you hate shoelaces? And you like Keeping up with the Kardashians. Perfect. You need the adidas Sleek S Shoes. Aside from the fact that Kendall modeled these bad boys, LOOK AT THESE SOLES! I mean take me back to middle school, so I can show them off with my school supplies on the first day; these highlighter neon soles are straight up electric.

Like the Air Force 1’s but also like your feet to smile? Try these Nike Air Force3 ’07 LV8 Nice Day. 


So you want to get into the sneaker head game? Here are some of the brands/ kicks you may be lusting after.

Off-White: Any collab they do with any brand is cool. Seriously, Virgil Abloh is a design Genius with a capital G. And I don’t use the word lightly. These sneakers will cost you a pretty penny, and unless you’re catching a new release, you’ll need to snag them on consignment or resale sites. I suggest buying them new on either Stockx or Goat or checking The Real Real to see if you get lucky with a used pair of these beauties. But WORD OF ADVICE: whatever you do: DO NOT cut off the tag that’s attached to the sneaker. That plastic tag is a signature Off-White feature. It’s part of the design. It’s meant to be there. I swear I will figuratively come over and kill you if if you buy a pair of them and then butcher them by cutting the tag. Like I will cry actual tears. If you just fell into some serious cash, I know these aren’t white, but get these, and make everyone jealous. Otherwise these are pretty dope too: Vulc Low White.

Yeezys: If you like Keeping up with Kanye, you need Yeezys. Period. There’s no way around it. You’re going to want to catch them when they release and lucky for you, the Yeezy Boost  350 V2 ‘Hyperspace’ are dropping tomorrow.

Y-3: These are the sneakers you see cool people wearing on the subways but you don’t know how to identify. They’re a little more under the radar, an adidas brand, they’ve got a high fashion edge to them, and if you own a pair it means you know your stuff. I know these are technically black and white, but these Y-3 Super Takusans remind me of duct tape in a way that makes me want to duct tape them to my feet and never take them off. I’m also crushing on these Y-3 Harigane’s because hello, look at that zig zagging design. Magic.

Lux/ High end/ High Style

You so fancy. I get it. We all want the designer kicks. Quick tip. If you have your eye on a specific brand-check The Real Real to see if you can get them on consignment before you drop the big bucks.

Gucci: You’ve probably seen them. Or copies of them. So if you’re going to get these classic sneaks, definitely go spice them up with these New Ace Platforms with Removable Crystals. Everyone already has the standard ones. Because, why be a regular bee, when you can be a bedazzled bee, you know?

You want a pair of Golden Goose. You want to fit in. Everyone does. They’re not my personal favorite $450 pair of shoes, but if these are your things, all the power to you. But reminder: You DO NOT have to pay full price for them. Get these or others at Saks Off Fifth.

Ahhhhh Balenciaga. You know those chunky trainers you see all over the place that make you think, what the actual hell, dad? You can get a super sweet pair of Balenciaga Triple S Air Nylon Sneakers that will make you feel so much like a dad, you’ll probably buy light wash jeans and a lawnmower on the spot. You might hate this look, but everyone needs chunky sneakers. If you want something cheaper, try the adidas Original Falcons.

Do you love the sock trend? Ya same. Well then, these shoes are going to make you very happy. Not only because they’re SUPER affordable (surprise- threw in an affordable pair for you), but also because the Opening Ceremony Bobby Ruffled Sock Slip On Sneakers will bring you back to being a little girl in dress shoes with white frilly socks, and I am all about that. (If they don’t have your size on the Outnet check Bloomies)

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