Spring Kicks Under $50

Sun’s out, which, if you’re anything like me, means you want a new wardrobe. It probably also means you already burned through your Holiday bonus, or have some epic trip planned, that’s about to suck every penny out of your checking account (if you’re lucky enough to have some spare change hiding in there).

But I get it, you want new kicks. And I’m sure it surprises you, because I’ve got way more than any normal person should probably have, but guess what, I do too. So I’m rounding up Spring Kicks under $50. That’s right. That’s basically dinner and a drink in this city, so eat cereal tonight, and thank me later.

For The Camper/ Festival Goer 

What: Pull&Bear Flatform Sneakers in Tie Die

Where to get them: ASOS

Price: $48

Coming in just under budget, just color me in, and take me back to camp. Or to Gov. Ball.  Or just lend me a Razor scooter so I can roll around, and show these bad boys off. They’re fun, they’re youthful, and the platforms are keeping them on trend. Best of all-they’re from ASOS, which means easy orders and easy returns.

Pullbear Asos
Pull&Bear flatform sneakers in tie dye/ ASOS

For the Classic But Edgy

What: Rocket Dog Milky Way Drop Sneaker

Where to get them: Nordstrom Rack

Price: $34.97

Okay. I’m not going to lie. I haven’t heard the name Rocket Dog in YEARS. Like I didn’t know the brand still existed, but honestly I’m not mad about it. These kicks are majorly cool, and so what if I associate the brand with those weird platform flip flops? Brand discrimination is stupid and will get you absolutely nowhere in life. These sneakers are black and white and splattered in all the right ways, and you’d be a fool to pass them up.

Rocket Dog Milky Way Drop Sneakers/ Nordstrom Rack

For the Feminine But Lazy

What: ASOS Design Durham Bow Mule Sneakers

Where to get them: ASOS

Price: $40

I get it. You love sneakers, but you hate actually putting them on, tying the laces, doing all the work. You want the look, but with a feminine twist. Think Gucci slides, but affordable, canvas, white, and well, sneaker-like. Yup. Found ’em. You’re welcome.

Asos slides
ASOS Design Durham Bow Mule Sneakers/ ASOS

For The Risk Taker

What: Cape Robbin Bon Bom Sneaker

Where You Can Get Them: Nordstrom Rack

Price: $34.97

FINALLY. Someone who’s fun. Thank you for not taking yourself and your style so seriously. Especially when it comes to buying shoes for less than $50. With Neon Yellow, Orange and Metallic Silver options, these kicks are less than $35, so they are the perfect way to spice up an outfit with little risk at breaking the bank. Out of all the kicks on this list, I kind of hope you buy these, just saying.


Cape Robbin
Cape Robbin Bon Bom Sneaker/ Nordstrom Rack


For The Sporty

What: Fabletics Zuma Sneaker

Where to get them: DSW

Price: $39.98

If they’re good enough for Kate Hudson, they’re good enough for me. That’s what I say. (Fine, I’ve never said that, but I’m saying it now, because How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days), plus they’re grey, which means they’re fun for summer, and I actually own 2 pairs of Fabletics kicks, and they’re pretty comfortable. Also-they look super easy to slip right on, which might sound silly, but trust me, that should not be overlooked. I mean are they super exciting? I’ll be honest, I know I chose them, but I’m not going to write you a love letter about your sneakers if I see you wearing them. But they’re cute, and they’re functional, and they’re well priced.

Fabletics Zuma Sneaker/ DSW


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