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I was pre-med for a semester and a half in college, which means I took 2 semesters of Bio (including lab), and 1 semester of Gen Chem (also including lab), which if I do the math (because, guess what, I also took a semester of calc), basically makes me a scientist. I was also an English major which means I wrote a thesis! I know, whatever, NBD, ask me about John Donne. AND I concentrated in Creative Writing, which means I wrote a SECOND thesis; a collection of short stories. Ok, no need to clap for me. That’s not why I’m posting all of this. The point of all of this is to highlight my credentials. So that you know that I am CLEARLY qualified to conduct serious research. I am basically a scientist with a flare for writing. A social scientist you could say. Wow. Cool. That was crazy easy. Who said getting a degree was hard?

Which brings me to my point. My blog is my passion project. My writing is what I’m all about. All my other platforms-just kind of exist as ancillary beings. But believe it or not, I actually like feedback. (I know-it’s weird). And Instagram makes feedback easy. It let’s you ask your followers questions and conduct polls. Basically It’s a very important spot for research! For Science! And as a scientist, I want to take my research very seriously! So if you’re not following the insta-check it out. Actually-you don’t even need to follow it–I know it’s a huge commitment, and who wants to commit?-just check the stories, and take the polls and stuff-because that would be helpful for the science. Or like send me your thoughts. Cool. Thanks.

Actually, this feels like I’m begging for follows. Ew. Ughh. I take it all back. DON’T Follow Me! Seriously. Just take the poll that’s there right now, and leave the page without a follow. That would make me feel better. Thanks.

Oh right. The handle is: @skirtsandkicks

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