You Have Questions. I (Might) Have Answers!

A weird thing that started happening since I started this blog (other than the fact that guys I date consistently ask how they can make it onto the blog—I know— I was not expecting that either) is that people have started asking me for advice. Both sneaker and dating related. Now the sneaker advice I get and was kind of expecting. I’m a self proclaimed sneakerhead. It’s totally my fault. You should 100% send me your kicks related questions. I live for it (in the totally non-literal way).

The dating thing- well I guess by writing about dating- I opened myself up to receiving questions about dating. So that’s also probably my fault. And it’s great! I love it! It’s just that I have zero qualifications to give advice other than the fact that I’ve gone on a lot of dates, and I guess I’ve been giving unsolicited advice for years. But, to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting the questions. But if you think I’m qualified to tell you things, I guess that’s cool. (Kind of weird, but cool).

But now that it’s happening, it got me thinking. You guys are sending me questions. I’m pretending I have answers. So why not share them?

Now this might totally backfire. Can I get sued for giving advice without having any sort of degree? (@my lawyer friends- let me know!, but also do I care?) Because it will  probably be really fun, so LET’S GO- what’s a little law suit, you know? That’s why I have friends who went to law school! (@all my med school friends, don’t think I forgot that you can soon write me scrips. I’m counting down the days till your graduation.)

So if you’ve got questions- start sending them. DM @skirtsandkicks or email (yeah whatever, did you know I have a gmail?) DW I’ll keep you totally ANON. Also I’ll try to be serious when I answer. Like I’ll really try my best. Scout’s honor.

Editor’s note:* Please DO NOT do anything rash because of something I say. I don’t want to get DM’s from crying guys and girls that they got dumped because of me, or that you spent your rent money on Off Whites and now you’re being evicted. I’m taking zero responsibly for how anything I tell you turns out in the real world that is your life- sneaker or dating related.

*I am the editor. This note is from me.



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