Pants and Kicks

Welcome to my newest edition of “ideas that might backfire”.

I mentioned this in a previous blog, but one of the strangest things that started happening since I started this blog, is that guys I have dated constantly ask how they can make it on the blog. I actually thought guys would be afraid to appear on the blog. But so many guys ask me what they can do to get on the blog while we’re dating, which shocks me every time. And then I’ll run into guys after we’ve dated, and they’ll tell me they’ve checked the blog recently to see if there’s a post up there about them. Mind boggling.

(For the record–if a blog divulges something personal–I do try to ask a guy’s permission before posting a post. Like I’ve said before, these stories are not mine alone, and so I’m not looking to just share someone else’s life without him consenting.)

But not every date or person inspires a post (which is not to say the date was bad or boring), it’s just the nature of how my brain and my writing work. Maybe I couldn’t formulate my thoughts into a well structured essay, maybe I’m still confused about how I feel about you, maybe I don’t feel comfortable sharing the experience, maybe I don’t think you’ll feel comfortable if I share it, maybe I’m in a weird writer’s block funk, and I can’t put pen to paper. There could be a million reasons. It also doesn’t mean that I won’t be inspired by something you did down the line, so there’s hope your post is still coming :).

But I get it. For some reason, you still want to be on this blog. So I’ve come up with a new idea. We’re calling it “Pants and Kicks” (s/o @Eric Tepper for the name), and it’s going to be letters to the Editor (i.e. me) from guys I’ve dated.

Here’s the gist: If you’ve dated me–and you’re dying to be on the blog–now’s your chance. Send in your letter. Tell your story. Write about one of our dates. Write about my sneaker game. Write about something I did. Write about our relationship. Write about whatever comes to mind. Don’t hold back. Be honest, but maybe try to be thoughtful, a little sensitive–I think that always helps make writing better– but at the same time-you are the writer–the pen is yours).

Is this a terrible idea? Probably. Will people actually send anything in? I hope so!

So get writing boys! Now’s your chance! Slide into my DM’s (@skirtsandkicks). Send me an email at I’ll keep you anonymous. I promise! (I won’t even tell my best friends!)

Looking forward to hearing from you!




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