The Instagram is On Fire Right Now

The @skirtsandkicks instagram is on fire right now. Some of it may turn into blog posts one day, but I don’t want to make any promises. Some good stuff is happening over on the stories, so I suggest you check it out before it disappears.


We’re asking the hard hitting questions. And getting honest answers.

And we’re just getting started.


There are even some surprises!! Also very important interruptions!

And we might even get our first #pantsandkicks submission!

And there’s much, much more….

I don’t want to force you to follow the ‘gram. That’s gross. I’m not about that life. But my followers are killing it right now, so I suggest you at least watch the stories to see what they say, because I’m not the only person who has opinions about dating, and this is actually super interesting! (Also I’m killing it on there too, because I have a SICK giveaway going on, but that’s not the point). The point is: feel free to chime in! All opinions are welcome! The more the merrier more exciting. See you on the ‘gram! @skirtsandkicks.


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