The Best Dating Advice My Instagram Followers Ever Received

Good News! Dating and people aren’t all bad! I know I posted some pretty bad advice that my followers got, but it turns out they also got some good advice too! Yay!

Fun fact: you might think this advice is terrible! That’s the funny thing about these things, one person’s good advice is another person’s please stop talking to me… but hey, it’s working for some people, so maybe it’ll speak to you!

So here it is. Some of the best dating advice my Instagram followers ever received.


This is wise.


Seriously. Stop over complicating everything. You’re going to drive yourself insane. (That’s way easier said than done btw, but it’s a good thing to at least try).


Boring is boring is boring is boring is…


Someone please take me to a jungle gym!!! (But also please tell me we’re going to a jungle gym before the date, so I’m appropriately dressed).


This is actually so true!


Seriously^^^ that. It’s a real thing I think. I don’t have any scientific proof for it, but I’m very confident it’s real.

Well, we’ll cut it off here for now, but you can now rest easy knowing there are good people out there giving sound advice that people like. Catch the rest up on the highlights section of @skirtsandkicks!

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