Our Deepest Dating Insecurities

If you’re wondering what is honestly going on in the minds of single, Modern Orthodox men and women who are navigating the dating world, the conversation is happening right now on the Instagram. Not only do I think this is a crucial topic for us as singles to discuss among ourselves, I also think the current conversation is a really important follow up to the letter I wrote to parents last week, so if you want to check it out/ contribute, I highly recommend you do so @skirtsandkicks.

Welcome to our deepest dating and relationship insecurities. Do they stem from the tremendous amount of pressure we put on ourselves? The pressures others put on us? Maybe. But for now that doesn’t matter, because I think it’s important for you as readers to know that this is what goes through our brains. And you can do with that information what you want. My goal right now is to just reach two demographics and to let you each know the following:

If you’re single/ dating: you’re not alone. Other people feel the same way. You should also know that people in relationships are just as insecure as you are.

If you’re removed from the dating scene: this is what goes through our minds. These are the things we’re scared to say out loud. These are the reasons why we might not open up to you, why we might get defensive when you bring up dating, why we get frustrated, why we worry, and why we are so scared of what the future holds.

Welcome to our brains. These are some of our deepest relationship insecurities.







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