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I posted the following on my Instastories this morning, but I think it’s worth sharing  a slightly edited 🙂 version here as well.

We cover a lot of funny topics on the Instagram and the blog. I think the humor is actually what helps make the blog successful. But we also discuss a lot of emotionally heavy topics such as broken engagements, divorce, breakups, dating  insecurities, the list goes on.

There are a lot of things people send me that get posted on the Instagram page. But there are also a lot of conversations I have with people behind the scenes that don’t get posted. One of the most amazing, challenging, eye opening, and rewarding things about starting this page, is that I have spoken to SO MANY amazing people through this platform who have gone through/ are going through all different kinds of struggles re: dating. I’m obviously not an expert***. I’m struggling along there with you :). But if there’s something I’ve learned from all of this, it’s that human beings are truly amazing- we’re way stronger and more resilient than we think we are. And every  person I encounter is literally living proof of that strength. Small victories shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your loneliness and pain is not only 100% valid- it’s also something TONS of other people are experiencing. I don’t think I can say it enough- but you are not alone- and your ability to open up with me and with others on this platform is inspiring and really brave. 

The other thing I’ll say is that I can literally see people changing the way they look at how they date or approach certain situations based on conversations I have with them. The willingness people have to see things from different perspectives is so refreshing and is exactly what this page is about. So thank you all. For being open: to share, to think critically, to be open to looking at things from different perspectives. Just know your ability to discuss these topics- to think about them differently- to open your minds to new ideas- well maybe it’s the optimist in me, but I truly believe they’re going to change at least one person’s future.

***If you are currently looking for a therapist in the NY or Jerusalem area, please reach out to me for recommendations!


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