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Religious observance is a HOT TOPIC. What is the future of Modern Orthodoxy? Do young Jews raised in the Jewish Day School systems value the education they were given? Is it something they want to impart to their children. And then of course, there are the questions of motivation. Why are young Jewish professionals religious or not religious? Is it social? Moral? Intellectual? Spiritual? What factors are impacting their level of religious observance? How much does being single play into it? How much does a relationship affect it?…

If you grew up in homes, schools, shuls, where Modern Orthodoxy or traditional Torah law is valued, you might hear parents or teachers wondering or referring to the state of the next generation’s religious observance level as some sort of crisis. And you might hear them linking being single to being irreligious. “No singles are religious anymore.” The longer you are single, the less religious you become.” “Anyone living in x community is not religious.” And that is a BIGGGGGGG conclusion to draw. Like HUGE. Because maybe religious observance level and being single are linked (honestly–I’m sure they are to some degree). But maybe there are other things at play.

People are COMPLEX. As is religion. And making sweeping statements about why people are doing what they are doing without actually looking at the data is pretty myopic. Placing blame on one specific cause is also pretty myopic.

So today, on the Instagram we are talking about religion. Obviously, the polls leave room for error. Obviously the data might be skewed etc. BUT the point of all of this is to start to better understand the statements we are making with more concrete information AND to allow young people to anonymously engage with each other’s opinions.

Because, I have said this before, and I’ll say it again; The polls and messages I get are anonymous to my followers, but to me, they are not. People often ask me what it’s like to know so much information about so many people, and honestly, it’s not that exciting. What’s more exciting is the implications of the data I am collecting. Because that is where change is going to start happening. When we start questioning the meaning and reasoning behind the data we are seeing. And the only way to really understand what is happening is to actually hear from young, Jewish Professionals.

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