I Shopped Fur and Shearling Booties So You Don’t Have To

I posted a pair of furry Circus by Sam Edelman booties on Instagram yesterday, and a bunch of you asked where you could get them.

Bad news, good news.

Bad news:

1. I got them last season.

2. I don’t remember where I bought them.

3. I tried finding them for you, but I failed.

But good news! I found you a bunch of booties with similar vibes. So no, your feet can’t look exactly like my feet, but they can come pretty close.

For comparison, these are my booties. Don’t ask me how much I paid. I don’t remember.

So now for my picks:

Lilliana Microsuede Faux Fur Lace-Up Boots – Universal Thread

Where to buy: Target

Price: $39.99

Skip dinner and drinks. These are A STEAL. Like put these in your cart and run. And they actually kind of look like mine. If anyone wants to buy my booties for like $50-$75 hit me up. Looking to flip my booties, make some cash, and then use the money to to buy these.


Circus By Sam Edelman Kilbourn Fashion Boot

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: $34.64-$90

These might actually be the booties I own. Different color-same idea. Downside-they only come in select sizes, so I hope you get lucky.


ASOS DESIGN Amsterdam shearling hiker boots

Where to buy: ASOS

Price: $64

OK these are a top contender for the pair I want to buy myself this season. The patent leather and shearling combo with the black and burnt brown two tone color mix gives them edge AND they’re super affordable.


Low Heeled Leather Hiking Boots With Faux Fur Trim

Where to buy: Zara

Price: $149

The contrast of the soft, plush fur with the stiff, leather combat look works in all the right, juxtaposing ways. Lace these up, and frolic through cold winter months like a warm fashion bunny ready to kill. Oh, and then take them off, and let me borrow them. Thanks.


Castaner Fusan Boots

Where to buy: Shopbop

Price: $227.50

Just tie my feet up in a bow, and call them a gift. These booties come with, not one, but TWO different pairs of laces (I know!)-that standard sandy color, and then BAM, a plaid ribbon for something a little extra. Happy holidays. Happy birthday. Happy Tuesday. Happy Feet.

Marc Fisher Izzie Genuine Shearling Lace-Up Boot

Where to buy: Nordstrom

Price: $249.95

Options! Each boot has contrasting color tones AND you have choices. Want black? Got ’em. Grey? Got ’em. Brown? Got ’em. Tan? Yup! Not even going to say it. Don’t sleep on these. Actually maybe do, they look cozy AF.

See by Chloe Eileen Flat Shearling Hiker Boots

Where to buy: Shopbop

Price: $450

These are a little more pricey, but it might be worth digging into the savings account for them. For one, they’re brown, and brown boots are hard to come by. And I mean come on-look at them! The plaid laces. The leather fold-over under the shearling. They’re adorable. I want to wrap my feet in them right now and pair every outfit I own with them. Every. Single. Day.


Want more recommendations? Send me a DM @skirtsandkicks



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