Bonu$ $eason

It’s holiday season. Which means it’s time for your company to show you how much they love and appreciate you by showering you in cash bonuses and making it RAINNNNN. Or maybe not? One S&K-er was curious: Are our peers actually getting holiday bonuses? And if they are– how much are they actually raking in?

So in true Skirts and Kicks fashion we put it to an Instagram poll:


And it turns out a lot of followers are not getting holiday bonuses.


But some get gift cards or gifts!

There are people out there getting bonuses multiple times a year:

Others just once a year:


And someone is even super generous!


And then there are the people  who are getting bonuses like this:

And that left some of our followers a little shooketh:


Want to see more holiday bonuses? Check out the highlights on @skirtsandkicks instagram.

Want to anonymously share your bonus? fill out the form here: 

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