Here’s the deal. A while back we did S&K Kicking It, which was basically like money diaries (how much are people making, spending, saving and giving) in different communities.

And because of everything going on right now, I’m sure a lot of you aren’t spending much on dates this month. So I had an idea.

Last week, I went through the raw data, because I remembered one category we covered was “how much money people spend on dates per month”. And it looks like on average- people who were spending money on dates were spending $100 per month on dates.

I know many many people are losing their jobs, struggling financially, and worrying about their families and friends right now. So donating money is really, really challenging for a lot of you.

However there are people who are fortunate enough to still be working, and whose jobs are functioning remotely.

So if that’s you, and you’re noticing you’ve been saving a few dollars from your adjusted lifestyle, (from not going on dates), perhaps we can think about where to redirect those funds to people who need them most.

Enter #donateyourdate .

Last Thursday, I posted a question box in the Instagram stories  where followers could suggest organizations in need of immediate funds, in order to inspire others who may not know where to donate.

Below are some of the suggestions (FYI where applicable, I linked to NY branches, but feel free to go global!):

  • BStrong: Sending #coronakits of sanitation wipes, gloves, SOS Hydration and the medical community’s recommendations to people and hospitals across the nation.
  • Tomchei Shobbos: Provide shobbos/ Yom Tov food to families in need (will be especially important this year Pesach!) Bergen County. Brooklyn. Five Towns. Queens.Manhattan (Oneg Shabbat)
  • Bikur Cholim (Manhattan): Funds urgent and expensive medical appointments and treatments, health insurance premiums, therapy services, psychological evaluation and counseling sessions, medical equipment and homecare for needy individuals in our community and beyond.
  • Leket Israel: National food bank in Israel. You can donate a Pesach meal to someone who is homebound or in Quarantine by clicking here.
  • Personal suggestion: Project Ezra: helps members of the Bergen County community suffering from Financial hardships.

$100 is of course not how much you need to give! You don’t need to give at all! The point is to try to show people that there MIGHT be some extra room in your budget to give, where you may not have realized. Please feel free to comment additional organizations to give people ideas of where to donate!


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