The New Skirts and Kicks: Submissions Guidelines

Skirts and Kicks is changing.

This blog has gone through many iterations since its inception in February 2019. What started as a satirical fashion/sneaker Instagram account and quickly evolved into a personal blog, has now become more of an instagram community of millennial Jews who indirectly engage with each other through my DM’s.

But in recent months, the blog has felt a little stale for me. Skirts and Kicks has always been a passion project for me, and lately, I have been looking for ways to re-instill the energy I once felt for this space back into the blog. In the last year or so, I made a conscious effort to make the blog less my own and more everyone else’s, but because of that, I started sharing my opinion less and writing essays so infrequently I felt like my voice was getting lost. And the creative space that I originally created feels very far from where Skirts and Kicks is operating now.

I spent a lot of time over the past few months trying to come up with ways to update this space. And ultimately I tried to drill down what it is I love most about Skirts and Kicks. What is it that makes me passionate about this project, and how can I turn that into this next phase?

From the Instagram: I realized I love the honesty, the stories, the people. The rawness and the connection the conversations create. The opportunity for learning and growth.

From my blog: I loved being able to write, to edit, to share. Finding spaces to share personal essays is actually more challenging than you think, and I really appreciated having that space (even if only a handful of people actually read them).

So that’s how we get to here: The next phase of Skirts and Kicks. A combination of the two.

Phase After.

A highly curated space for you to share your TRUE stories about love and relationships as millennial Jew.

Submissions should be no longer than 1700 words and emailed to All submissions must be REAL, true stories.

Essays will be edited in consultation with you, the writer before being published.

Please only submit previously unpublished work.

I will also be accepting artwork and photography which can also be sent to

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