Got to be sole searching and sneakers are dope.

This started out as a personal blog that was both sneakers and everything else.

But what started as a joke Instagram, and then became a personal blog about sneakers and life and dates, has quickly become a blog hyper focused on dating and Judaism; on what it means to feel like you’re part of a community of like minded people, and what it’s like to feel completely alone. Because as soon as I started posting, people gravitated towards the dating content more than the sneaker content. It’s just what my peers related to. And so, I shifted the blog to cater to the followers. So the pictures of daily outfits and kicks (long gone now 🙂, which mostly started somewhat as a joke, an outlet of sorts, has become an odd homage to the blog that once was, that hovers in the background of the blog that now is.

The Instagram and blog are both constantly evolving. This website started as something very personal. A place where I was writing personal essays, a place where I wanted to challenge myself to be writing on a consistent basis. But as the Skirts and Kicks Instagram shifted to something that is much more public and much more like a community, the blog has moved with it. And in a weird way, what was once my personal blog, feels a lot more like a community blog. What started as my Instagram, has quickly become our Instagram. I say “our,” because I feel very strongly that I share the platform with my followers. Yes-I moderate the conversations, and I am in control of what gets posted on the stories. But the topics and the comments; most, if not all, now come from followers.

Everything I write on this site is 100% authentic, which means sometimes it will be more sarcasm than serious, and other times it will be more real life than laughs, and more likely than not, it’ll be a combination of it all. But it’s always completely real. Welcome to my brain. These (and only what I write here) are my thoughts. What appears on the Instagram is everyone else’s thoughts :).